Sakura spot map

  • Funehikimachi
  • Shogakuji no shidare Zakura (しょうがくじのしだれざくら)

Green leaves

Best viewing time in past years:Late April

  • View during full bloom
  • Currently in "full bloom" as of April 24th

Information about the Shogakuji no shidare Zakura

It is said that the residents of Minami-utsushi in 1644 (the first year of Shoho) planted two small seedlings of Miharu no Taki-zakura (an ancient cherry blossom tree) in the gardens of Inari Shrine and Shogakuji Temple. They bloom as though they are watching over the Jizo statues silently lined up within the grounds.

  • Machi-94 Funehikimachi, Minamiutsushi, Tamura
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Sakura species/tree age

Cerasus spachiana ‘itosakura‘ /tree age about 350 years old

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