Sakura spot map

  • Funehikimachi
  • Daishoji no Benishidare (だいしょうじのべにしだれ)

Best viewing time in past years:Late April

  • View during full bloom
  • Currently "starting to fall" as of April 22nd

Information about the Daishoji no Benishidare

Daishoji Temple is located along the prefectural road close to “Kanameta Station" of the JR Ban'etsu East Line. This single cherry blossom tree blooms on the slope to the main building of the temple. The supple branches are covered with slightly reddish blossoms which fill the sky and have an excellent appearance.

  • Tateishi-13 Funehikimachi, Sasayama, Tamura
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Sakura species/tree age

Cerasus spachiana ‘Pendula Rosea’ /tree age about 300 years old

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