Sakura spot map

  • Takinemachi
  • Benten Zakura (べんてんざくら)

Best viewing time in past years:Late April

  • View during full bloom
  • View during full bloom in 2018 (Heisei year 30)
  • Currently "starting to fall" as of April 27th

Information about the Benten Zakura

At the base of the cherry blossoms, there is a shrine made of stone that is enshrined; legend says that "the cherry blossoms were planted by parents as a memorial for their daughter who threw herself into the pond, having been troubled the fact that she was not permitted to return to her parents' home from her husband’s house." It is one of Takine's three major shidare-zakura (weeping cherry blossom trees).

  • Nanamagari Takinemachi Sugaya, Tamura, Fukushima
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Sakura species/tree age

Cerasus spachiana ‘itosakura‘ /tree age about 400 years old

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