Sakura spot map

  • Ogoemachi
  • Eisenji no Sakura (えいせんじのさくら)

Best viewing time in past years:Late April

  • View during full bloom
  • Currently "in leaf" as of May 1st

Information about the Eisenji no Sakura

It is a large tree aged 400 years, said to be a sister tree to Miharu Takizakura (an ancient cherry tree). The root circumference has a size of 4.1 meters, and it has been designated as a natural treasure by Fukushima Prefecture. It is visible from Route 349, so it is easy to find.

  • Nagane-93-1 Ōgoemachi, Kuride, Tamura
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Sakura species/tree age

Cerasus spachiana ‘itosakura‘ /tree age about 400 years old

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