Sakura spot map

  • Tokiwamachi
  • Yasumiishi no Sakura (やすみいしのさくら)

Best viewing time in past years:Best viewing time in past years: Late April

  • View during full bloom

Information about the Yasumiishi no Sakura

This benishidare-zakura (crimson weeping cherry blossom tree) with vivd coloring can be found on the grounds of a private residence in the Yasumiishi region. Several cherry blossom trees are standing there, as though they are overlapping. The surroundings are calm and have the atmosphere of a Japanese satoyama (area between mountain foothills and flat land).

  • Yasumiishi Tokiwamachi, Nishimuki, Tamura
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Sakura species/tree age

Cerasus spachiana ‘Pendula Rosea’ /tree age about 200 years old

Parking lot

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